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Re: [SLUG] Extra buttons on the MS mice supported in X - Update

Arunava Sen wrote:
> Hence, X support for these side-buttons seem out of the
> question.

I thought all buttons after 3 were software dependant anyway, which is
what makes most of them pretty useless.

> So what so I do? Slashdot to the rescue!
> They have this cool article about the best damned aussie product I've ever
> seen... http://www.claw.com.au/  

Hey - something for the Lefties - Rock On! {:-)}}}}

I really loved the conditional lines about replacing your keyboard (for
3D games ) because it will be faster!!!. I suspect this might be on the
three main buttons, but definitely not on your pinkie or a thumb faced
with four positions.

If you really want to contribute something in development, look at
tablets. An overlay/app converts these into the biggest multibutton
mouse around and I believe they are pressure sensitive now (brush stroke
stuff becomes direction and acceleration). That to me seems far more
intuitive that an army of mice with individual button arrangements.

Just my 2c

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