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Re: [SLUG] Debian newbie guide for existing linux users

<quote who="Doug Stalker">

> If there a guide anywhere titled "Debian for people who have had a lot
> of experience using Redhat and redhat like linux distributions like
> Mandrake who now wish to change to Debian"?

Yep. It's:

  man <everything>
  apt-cache search <blah> (to find cool packages)
  apt-cache show <blah> (to read more about those packages)

But, I have to admit, the best way of learning all the intricacies and cool
tools is to have a rabid Debian user to refer to. Gus, Conrad and Anand have
been my (very well qualified) converters. :)

Just ask around, and see if there's a special way of doing things before you
try doing them the way you're used to.

- Jeff

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