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Re: [SLUG] 1st Debian install (was M$ goes open source)

<quote who="Steven downing">

> X worked out of the box, (almost, bad hardware cursor), XMMS and all those
> sound things needed a bit of chmod /dev/ (mixer..dsp...audio)

Quick - teach this man The Debian Way! ;) [ Disclaimer: I'm still learning
The Debian Way - I found out about /etc/alternatives this weekend from
Conrad... Whoa. Sysadmin heaven. ]

To be allowed to use audo devices, you need to add yourself to the audio
group. Makes sense, huh? You have to worry about these sorts of things on
multiuser operating systems, otherwise you'd just end up with Red-- *slap*

Use the usermod command. :)

> Ok so dselect is daunting, I just browse through, check out what I have,
> and what I want, quit out, then do an apt-get install <package>.

Someone else mentioned dselect being too hard late last week, but I didn't
have time to bite.


Debian is the only OS I install that I don't use the "Advanced" or "Custom"
install with. Why? Because the basic installation method is so incredibly
good. tasksel is brill, dselect is the spawn of the devil. :)

- Jeff (waiting for Gus to give an obscure reason why dselect is better...)

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