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Re: [SLUG] MS goes Open Source - sort of

<quote who="Dean Hamstead">

> When school is finished in about a month.
> With a bit of work im sure we could get some interesting things
> happening, and
> see a hundred or so machines installed =)

Okay - glad you're keen! :)

Our next fest is the Network/Security fest which David Kempe has kindly
offered to coordinate, but there are others we'd loved to have run if only
there were people to put the time in.

December, January and February are kind of out in terms of fests... December
for a SLUG party (ask Conrad), and January because linux.conf.au is on and
you'll already be partying if you have any sense! ;) February we're thinking
of doing a Code/HackFest, which will be interesting.

So it'll probably be March before we have another Fest... If you have any
ideas about topics to cover, etc., throw them at the committee. :)

- Jeff

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