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Re: [SLUG] Another literature question

On Fri, Oct 27, 2000 at 02:42:32PM +1000, Aaron Binns wrote:
> I haven't really produced any programs in C before and Id like to
> learn. Does anyone have any suggestions on books which they found
> helpful when just starting out coding in the big bad world of C?
> Basically Id prefer something which makes it easy to learn rather
> than throws heaps of detail at you since it will be mostly in my own
> time.
> Note: I'm planning on using my Linux machine for coding at home
> (deadrat & debian).. but at work it would be on a mix of HP-UX, AIX,
> DEC, and SUN-OS.
> Aaron

"The C Programming Language" 2nd edition by Kernighan & Ritchie, Prentice Hall
"Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment" by W. Richard Stevens, Addison
Wesley- this is especially good on the HP-UX/AIX/DEC/SunOS front.
"Expert C Programming- Deep C secrets" by Peter Van Der Linden,
SunSoft/Prentice Hall is quite fun also.

There are other good books on C and related programming fields- compiler
design, algorithms and data structures for example. 

You can also grab the GNU C Manual and the gdb manual from the web
and read them in the controversial info format, convert to a format
you like better or print them out. You've probably already got them
online under Linux, try "info gcc" and "info gdb". The hard copy
will be handy if you like printouts.

If you see a book that mentions accomplishing the learning of C or any
other technology in a particular timeframe (24 hours, a weekend, 12
easy lessons) it is safe to ignore that book.