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Re: [SLUG] What is SLUG?

<quote who="Terry Colins">

>People from Gosford, Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Camdem/Campbelltown are
>all slug members.

I know people from Newcastle, Narrellan (sp?), Bathurst, Orange, Ipswitch
(Brisbane), Adelaide, Victoria (rural), and even a person from the US (VA
systems) who are interested in joining SLUG as well - if only the list.  Its
superficial to say SLUG is only for people who *LIVE* in Sydney when we are all
part of a worldwide "society".

rhetorical_Q: have you ever looked at the list / webpage for other LUGS round
Sydney, Australia, or the World before?

More to the point Terry was making, you dont really want to open that can of
worms where you have to specify who can join and who cannot. Remember, the LUG
is based on Linux, not Sydney. Sydney is just the location where the meetings
and core membership is.

To quote some old geezer: "Its not *broken*, so don't try to *fix* it"