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RE: [SLUG] New User with a few questions.

> Under win98, format the D: drive. It will not be your Linux
> partition. Win98 will not give an unknown system a drive letter. I
> have set up several systems in almost exactly the way you
> described and they all worked fine. The only problem I had was the
> booting, and once I got GAG to look after that There were no
> problems.

Um, before you do, just another opinion.
Windows may give an unknown system a drive letter. Hell I've even seen it
give drive letters to systems that don't exist (2 W: drives - wtf??!)
So yer, I have seen it allocate drive letter to systems that do exist. It
does read the partition table as a starter for this info. So if thats
broken, or the partition table is unrecognisable you can get extra
letters... i have seen it - only when something is broken tho..