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Dear SLUG,

A few weeks ago I posted a question asking about my modem...If I could
ping the IP address of the DNS at my ISP, but still not get domain name
resolution (for anything), was the problem at my computer or at the ISP.
/etc/resolv.conf was (and is) fine. Changing to another DNS (at UNSW)
didn't help. Oddly, booting "another operating system" and calling the
ISP via the same modem worked fine. I got several intelligent replies
from Sluggers (thanks to all), most indicating that it wasn't a fault
with my modem.

Turns out that several days after asking my ISP's tech support about my
difficulties and being told it was a fault with my modem, then being
sent pre-written instructions on how to set up a modem in Windows9x
(after clearly saying I used Linux), I was told that they had 'adjusted'
their routers and that coincided (exactly) with my difficulties. Was
later informed that their routers were changed back to as they had been
and mysteriously my DNS problems disappeared at exactly the same time.
Unrelated coincidence?  

The problem is back again as of last Friday and I'm gettin' the poos.
According to my ISP, I'm the ONLY Linux user in Gosford that uses them
(Acay) - the only one who is having trouble anyway. I've now been
demoted to a Windows user (as you can probably tell from the headers of
this e-mail - god I hope I've got HTML switched off!!!). 

My question is (forgive the long-winded preamble)...

What could the ISP be doing to their routers that would render DNS
resolution when dialing in with Linux to not work whereas it has no
effect when dialing in with Windows9x? Is there anything I can do at my
end to make my Linux connection look more like a connection via Windows?

I'm quite concerned that being a "one off" Linux user up here in
Hicksville that the attention paid to my problem by my ISP will be
rather minimal. Are there any other SLUG people in Gosford who use the
same ISP who are having similar experiences? Are there other ISPs in
Gosford that are: 
a. Cheap?
b. Support Linux?

I'd be grateful for advice.