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[SLUG] E-Smith Question

hi all,

I am currently in the process of rebuilding one of my boxes to act as a
gateway/proxy etc.

I've been trying to use *BSD, but i've had enough of that, doesn;t want to
work with my DSL connection.

Then I read all of the rave reviews of esmith, and ihad made a copy of the
new version a couple of weeks ago, becasue i was meaning to get around to
giving it a go.

Well i've finsihed installing it, and now i have a little problem.

It said it could be configured by a web page, i've been poking around the
the esmith websites, and i looked for docs on the disk, to no avail,

What the heck is the web page to load to do the admin ??

Also, Where are the general docs ? Or do you have to pay for those ?