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RE: [SLUG] lynx and submitting a page from a command line.

OK, maybe not using the HTML file but can the previously mentioned command
syntax be used to pass data to a http://www.blah.blah.com/givemedata.cgi

I have a windows machine with a page that we need to pass data to it and
submit the form. I was hoping that the linux box can do it via lynx as I've
seen it done before but can't remember how it was done.

George Vieira
Network Administrator
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<quote who="Malcolm Tredinnick">

> I am a bit worried about your reference to an HTML file ... the POST
> data is just a list of parameter=value doohickies. There should be no
> HTML tags involved at all.

Seems George already has the forms data entered in the HTML file, I assume
through value attributes and such.

George: Not gonna work. :) What is your grander scheme here? Perhaps there's
a better way around.

- Jeff

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