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Re: [SLUG] Program delivery with Sendmail

	Are you using FEATURE(`smrsh') this means sendmail uses it's
special restricted sheel which puts limits on what it's allowed to do.
Basically it only lets you run programs that live in /usr/lib/sm.bin. ie
for what you've used below it would ignore the path and run
/usr/lib/sm.bin/myprog. Then again it could be something else entirely
since it does say sh:

On Fri, Oct 20, 2000 at 04:24:44PM +1100, Peter Rundle wrote:
> Does anyone have any good urls to on-line docs on program delivery using
> sendmail. www.sendmail.org is terrible.
> I've put an entry in the /etc/aliases file 
>   user: "|/bin/myprog" 
> but I always get an error mailed back to root, the guts of which is,
>      ----- Transcript of session follows -----
>   sh: myprog not available for sendmail programs
>   554 "|/bin/myprog"... Service unavailable
> The program exists and is executable for all (ok maybe not a good idea
> but lets get it working first ;-)
> So what gives?
> Pete
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