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Re: [SLUG] backup using rsync and file permission

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Doug Stalker wrote:

> Is it possible to copy the passwd, shadow and group files from one
> system and have them work another?  
> I just tried it here and it worked fine but are there any
> not-immediately-obvious problems with doing this?  This system is
> running as a backup for another server, and I can duplicate the contents
> of the home directories without problems (I'll install rsync later
> today, tar -> ftp -> untar is rather inefficient ) but I obviously need
> to duplicate the user details as well.  

Biggest problem is overwriting your existing UID's and GID's.

If you already have files on the secondary system which are owned by UID
650, and your replaced passwd files don't _have_ a UID 650, then you'll
have some holes in your file system as far as ownerships etc go.

But if you're running a complete duplicate down to user files, then there
shouldn't be any problems.