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Re: [SLUG] Html Email Format part 2

I hope you have asbestos pants on cos this is flame bait (8-)

I use Pine which is essentially text based, but it can handle html, it
just ignores the tags.

I think the main problem is bandwidth and the fact that html email can be
used to activate exploits in some browsers.

...and no, I don't download mp3, I do zap banner ads so that I can
download browser graphics because unfortunately eye candy seems to be de
rigeur these days and most sites are so badly designed as to be totally
meaningless without the graphics.

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On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Alister Waller wrote:

> Well for those of you who complained about my email it was actually in rich
> text format not html format.
> I have now switched to plain text.
> Can I ask why people use non-html enabled mail clients?? What is the benefit
> of this? Is this a linux geeky type thing??
> Seems strange when you look at what computers are capable of that a minority
> (I am taking a stab in the virtual darkness) still insist on using a text
> based mail reader. You mention bandwith, I am sure a lot of you download
> pictures and Mpeg 3's etc which hog a lot more of that than a few extra
> lines of text in an email.
> regards
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