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Re: [SLUG] Associating filenames

Howard Lowndes said something along the lines of:

> Is there any ability in Linux to associate filename extensions, or 
> similar, with applications.  I have been fiddling with Staroffice and 
> that works OK, but I am curious as to whether the ability exists in 
> Linux on a broader basis, more to do with such associations in 
> Netscrape.

Where are you making the associations (or want to)?

File managers such as GMC, Nautilus and EFM will do this for you as part of
their mime support, usually using magic2mime (and related utilities or

  Here's yet another area where the MacOS had us in 85. Intrinsic metadata.
  DOS/Windows had easily human-stuffupable "metadata" with file extensions,
  UNIX has nothing (apart from what the file appears to be). BeOS however,
  has a very, very heavy focus on metadata (the filesystem is designed to
  have almost unlimited metadata extensibility).

With Linux, you either rely on your applications (generally the file manager
types), or have to work it out yourself.

- Jeff

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