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[SLUG] Getting my linux box to print to a windoze machine.

Howdy all,
	I have been trying for quite a while to get my mandrake 7.0 box to
print to a laserjet attached to a win98 machine. Try as I may (including
following a set of "fool proof" instructions in the last issue of
APCmag) I cannot get it to print.

my /etc/printcap is as follows :

The original set of instructions had what is above, except for the
:lp=/dev/null:\ line. I added that after trying to fix the problem that
occurs if I use it without that line. If I use it without the /dev/null
line it just sits in the queue as active and it doesn't do anything. If
I have the /dev/null (or /dev/lp or /usr/bin/sbmprint) as an lp= entry
then it behaves as normal where it sits in the queue for a bit then has
supposedly finished. I check the printer, nothing there. 

I also have the .config file setup that they said to use with proper
details about the netbios name, printer name and password etc. I tried
RTFM before looking at the apcmag and I've also tried using the GUI in
the control-panel / drakeconf to give it the details. All of which
produce the same effect, print jobs supposedly being completed and
nothing comming out of the printer.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Setting this up in
reverse was a snap when the linux box had control of the printer, it's
just the reverse that's proving to be a pain.

Many thanks,