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Re: [SLUG] Slow initial telnet.

George Vieira wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know this is an oldie question but my initial telnet connections take
> forever to connect. It connects and then you wait for a minute before
> getting the logon message.
> I know the oldie answer was to remove `named` as the server was trying to
> resolve the IP address but named isn't running on this system.
> Also adding the names to the host file works but isn't the answer for me as
> this server is going to a site which will have remote WAN connections.
When you say adding the names to the host file do you mean just
/etc/host or the whole set including hosts.allow and hosts.deny. Surely
you'd just blank out hosts.deny and put ALL: ALL (or just in.telnetd:
ALL) into hosts.allow? Then it allows everyone to connect to telnet.
If this is what you meant by adding the names to the host file then
ignore this, but I had this problem once before and this solved it.

Come to think of it. Another problem I had was with an old version of
Slackware where it seemed to have some sort of corruption in the telnet
daemon. It would also do the same thing as if you had a dodgy
hosts.allow/.deny set but it would actually zombie the telnet processes
and you could not get rid of them with any kill option. You actually had
to reboot the machine to get it to connect again. This was from Slakware
3.4(or 3 if there was one.. old one anyway). A quick download and
install of an updated version of the daemon and things were fine.


> There is no /etc/resolv.conf as it's an isolated database server and has no
> connections to any other server..
> Is there a way to get the TCP wrapper or whatever it is that's trying to
> resolve these machines to ignore resolving and just allow the connection
> quickly..?
> thanks,
> George Vieira
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