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Re: [SLUG] CLID software ?

On Tue, 17 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> Is there any means by which I can get a modem to pass the CLID of an
> incoming call over to Linux so that I can work with it against a
> database.  A search on Google has not turned up much of relevance.

Hi Howard.

I use XCallerID to retrieve the CallerID from my modem, look up a MySQL DB,
then output the corresponding voice file that lets us know who is calling -
so that we know if to answer the phone or not without being around the 
Linux system (works even better if you interface the "line out" to a
el'cheapo FM transmitter - or if you are really game, tune it to the IF of
your home radio || TV system so it doesn't matter what channel you or the
family are tuned to). I also was looking at once interfacing a "one chip"
RS232 to TV signal that would display the Caller Name on the TV for 
deaf persons.

Further XCallerID developments have been folded into 
the latest (early 2000) releases.

Cheers, Grahame