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Re: [SLUG] Memory tester boot disk

Alex JuniorBurger wrote:
> Hi,
>  I have a 486 that was to be set up as a gateway,
> however some strange crashes and suggestions have led
> me to believe that the memory (physical RAM and/or
> swap) may be corrupt. I know the HD is old, so I would
> hope the problem is with bad blocks on the disk, and
> not with the 8Mb RAM. If so, I could beef up another
> 486 with the extra 8Mb, and use that instead.
>  So, does anyone know of any boot disks available
> (running any OS, probably DOS) that contain a
> diagnostic tool for checking the integrity of RAM?

Also make sure that your 486's power supply fan is still going. I've got
a 486 at home that started crashing every 5 minutes... at first I
thought it was DLL Hell (yes it has Win95 on it), but reinstalling
windows didn't help. Reaching behind the box uncovered the problem --
there was no air coming out!


ps. A question to all OT post bashers: Is my post above offtopic for
SLUG? Justify your answer.