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[SLUG] Rodos, one to add to your list...

Morning all,

This one's a bit naughty, but the Penguinillas amongst us may enjoy it...
Some may already know, I'm sure. ;)

I've found another way to fool Outlook and Outlook Express into misbehaving,
making your emails unreadable. A fun way to do this is by automatically
getting your replies to 'break' the MUA. So, over the last week or so, I've
set mutt up like this:

  set attribution = "begin  %n  quotation:\n"

Any reply will start with, for instance, "begin  Rodos  quotation:" making
the MS products show a "quotation.dat" file as an attachment, and no text
within the email.

[ For those of you using Outlook Express, you can read these emails by going
to File > Properties > 'Full Source' (or something like that) ]

Why the two spaces? Because that's important. :) The MS products interpret
anything after the word "begin" (at the start of a new line) with two
trailing spaces, as an attachment. There's no way that could *possibly*
happen out in the wild, is there? ;) Strong stuff, MS.

Supposedly, if you do this *anywhere* within the body,

begin  gotcha.

the MS products will regard the rest as an attachment. It's not even
restricted to a specific point in the email (say the first line). One
wonders why MS couldn't restrict their toying to the headers, instead of
trampling all over the body...

So, in the interests of open information, I've changed my attribution
setting back to something a little more conventional. But if you need to
cause some havoc sometime... Remember this one. :)

- Jeff

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