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Re: [SLUG] Re: [definitely OT] i7 Dots

<highly entertaining DOT stuff snipped>
   The DOT should not be removed until the program is finished. Each DOT
   can only be activated once. Don't forget you can increase your chances
   of being rewarded with a galaxy of gifts by participating often and
   adopting a DOT each day.

They could become the tamagotchi of the zeroes.

   sounds like a pretty good con to me. 10 points for the attempt.

   "the holes in the cardboard act like lenses and refocus the image from
   the tv screen". ahuh, right.

I guess they can't talk either. On the TV ads they sound like the
three-eyed skill-tester aliens from the Toy Story movies. I'd adopt
anything that could talk like that. 

You should have to put the dot over Channel 7's annoying watermark.