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Re: [SLUG] [SLIGHTLY OT] Machine Names

> So I'm putting it to the collective brilliance of the slugger fraternity
> see what is put forth.

Brilliance? I guess we'll wait and see. ;)

I helped out with a network install the other week, and a similar problem
arose. They had two machines already named, however: 'Alan' and 'Linus'.

There was much debate as to which kernel hackers deserved the mantle of
server namehood; 'Reiser' was suggested for the machine with the
tempermental SCSI controller (but our consciences took over), 'Dave' was
regarded as too pedestrian (though there was plenty of "What about DaveM? We
*have to have DaveM!"), 'Riel' was discredited due to the pronounciation
point in the server naming RFC ('Rik' was left out for similar reasons, but
mostly because one of the girls coudn't stand The Young Ones - there was a
minute silence for that terrible admission), other notables included 'Ted'
(forget why we didn't like this one), 'Viro' (someone kept thinking we were
saying virile) and 'Arcangeli' (spelling, again!).

The only two names we could finally agree on were 'Tove' and 'Telsa'. :)

- Jeff

-- please excuse the email software :)
-- i haven't gnu parted the hard drives at work (yet)