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RE: [SLUG] Re: [OT] Debian Flame on LWN

I don't know about FreeBSD but a certain other Unix supplier is keeping
up-to-date free patches for the last 15 releases of its OS (actually 6 or 7
releases on two or three hardware platforms with at least two different
package managers).
A Debian equivalent would be to offer security patches for all official
releases, maybe going back about 5 or 6 years.
I haven't seen this sort of offering from any of the popular Linux distros,
well not yet anyway.
It's probably an expensive "free service".

- Jill.

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From: Angus Lees [mailto:gusl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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how far back do freebsd support packages?

and do they fix problems by offering a newer version of the package,
or backporting each and every fix?