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Re: [SLUG] [OT] Debian Flame on LWN

> Bugs in the distribution, or the software? It makes little difference.
> potato contains *conservatively* new software. Not bleeding edge. It's been
> tried and tested upstream and within the iterative development process of
> 'unstable'. Certainly, after going through that, most distribution bugs will
> be sorted out. That much use would (again hopefully) indicate decent testing
> of the actual software.

Actually for what it is worth, the security holes don't tend to be picked
up until the software gets widely used. Thats why to some degree the
more "popular" systems tend to have more security holes in them, more
people looking.

The only way to find security holes apart from getting cracked and
learning about them that way, is to do security audits of the code etc,
and this is a long and painful process. HOpefully the debian maintainers
do this.