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Re: [SLUG] [OT] Debian Flame on LWN

Thom May wrote:


> Why dare not run the upgrade? Have I missed something? So,
> they've stopped releasing bug fixes etc. This is entirely normal
> for an older release - it went stable fricking ages ago... I
> sent three machines on the slink-potato trip last week, and they
> are all perfectly happy. 

As a guess, I think Michael was alluding to the RH style where they
continue to release fixes for older versions. However, I expect that
Debian doesn't have the personnell assets that RH has.


> for a release that was superceded two months ago,
> in the entirely reasonable expectation that you will upgrade,
> *for free* to the new release!

Is this a reasonable expectation?
That really declares Debian as a distro only for "professionals"

My experience in upgrades is such that I never upgrade now, unless the
machine it totally sacrificial and I have time to waste. Too many
"upgrades" have gone belly up. I'm yet to experience a debian upgrade,
but don't see how it will be different to other distro's.

> > As much as I love Debian, I am loosing interest/faith rather quickly.
> Poor you. I have no idea where else you will be getting the
> level of support and quality software that Debian provides.

I'm not so religious. My bottom line is that my computers are like my
car - another work tool. They don't exist so I can spend my time
upgrading them, but rather so I can push work through them to earn
income. Time spent rebuilding a system is lost income.

Time spent having to "upgrade" regularly is also lost income from a
business sense as it pushes the support cost higher. The benefit of
supporting older versions is that it drives the support costs down from
a business viewpoint. I guess it depends on how you see Linux achieving
world domination {:-).

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