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Re: [SLUG] viewing troops.mov ?

On Tue, 03 Oct 2000, johna@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx generated:

>I've grabbed hold of troops.mov from aarnet. This is Sorenson/QDMC.
>How to watch it ? xanim 2.80 does not (at least from the default load).
>Running debian 2.2, what are my options ?


The sorenson codec is not being released by apple for *anything*, so you
need the quicktime 4 viewer from the apple.com site.  The author of
xanim does write modules for xanim under NDA, but apple refuse to
license it.  Or apple are prevented from licensing it due to their own
licensing.  The bottom line is you unfortunately need 'doze to view
Crocktime movies.

Has anyone used the qt4 player under wine/win4lin?

OTOH, I know the movie you are referring to, when I got it, there were 4
.qt files in the same directory.  If you xanim troop*.qt then they
splice together and are in fact the same as the .mov, only in the
supported old qt format.

No, I was looking for warez.  The pornography was just a useful byproduct.
		-- Dave Coote