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Re: [SLUG] Open Magazine Review

> > Btw can anyone recommend a GOOD linux magazine that is worth subscribing
> > to.
> > 
> It depends what you expect from this Magazine.
> http://www.linux-mag.com looks good but never tried

it is quite good but i couldn't justify the cost buying them at the
newsagent (about $15 an issue) and the subscription didn't offer much in
the way of savings...

> http://www.ssc.com/lj  Free Trial Issue 

if live outside north america you have to subscribe and they just add an
extra month to that, rather then sending you a freebie first...

for mind, LJ has found a nice balance between advertising and content,
though a lot of the info can be found online... still its nice to have
something physical to cart around (ie read on the toilet ;)


"I can't buy what I want because it's free. Can't be what they want
because I'm me." - Corduroy, Pearl Jam