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Re: [SLUG] Linux news on slashdot

On 30 Nov, David scribbled:
-> I wasn't going to get onto this thread, cos I'm a Mac person struggling
-> with Linux and getting by, not an IT professional. 
-> The trouble with this list is that nearly everyone is an IT pro, and has
-> no idea what it's like to struggle with config files and arcane syntax.

luckily for some of you people liek me come form the amiga world - linux
is so arcane and wierd with its config fielsa and everyhting its own
syntax - in strange illogical places.... i hope to do my bit in fixing
this... :) i use linux - its flexible and i like that.. but it has a
LONG way to go.. if we sit and gloat in thinking its great... we're
stupid to "rest on our own laurels" even though those laurels arent'
great. what we need to do is acknowledge that we fall a long way short
and in many ways other OS's coem a lot closer in some respects.

-> When running apps on a linux desktop distrib. (that has yet to be
-> invented) is as brain-dead as installing on a mac, then apps will follow
-> like day follows night. Until then, Linux is a fabulous server OS and a
-> marginal desktop for the boffins.
-> David

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