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Re: [SLUG] Linux news on slashdot

> I think the demand is quite small.

When compared to the MS market.. REAL small.

> I guess companies that get involved with Free Software have to be
> fairly hard headed.
> I feel that some have rushed in to try to take advantage of a
> trendy movement, without looking deeply at the consequences.

I agree I think this has happened on more than one occassion alas then
making things look bad when it doesn't work..

> The results can be mixed. For example, I would have to say
> a lot of people had expectations that Mozilla would 'beat IE',
> in the sense that the wider community would wake up to the
> impact of Open Source software. (This will never
> happen with a media that sings the song of the highest bidder).
> In this particularly reflective vein, the failure of Ajuba,
> home of Tcl/Tk, to make a commercial success of products and
> services is also a marking point.

Sometimes I think the "failure" of things like this is as much the fault of
the Linux/OS/FS/<insert fav group of geeks> Community as anyone. It's a big
boys club (with a few girls :-)) and the entry/dress requirements are
written in machine code at the door. The invitations to meetings are posted
on a Bulletin board that has access to no-one so you have to hack your way
in and then when you get there they are written in CPM aseembler.

The much touted Open Source community is becoming very Closed Source to
people. Some of the hackers and gurus and movers and shakers relate better
to lines of code than they do to newbies who are geniunely interested in
helping out. It hasn't always been like this. I think maybe it has something
to do with Linux becoming "trendy" and a wave of "AOLers" starting to use it
cause it's the thing to be seen doing. But whatever the reasons it's
adversely affecting things. The community needs people to survive. Aoler's
or not. and it especially needs people who are willing to put time in and
help (think how useful Slug would be if that weren't the case) and it needs
the community as a whole to accept and welcome these peopl even if they
don't know the difference between a motherboard and a CPU. PErsonally
speaking I'll take enthusiasm over experience any time, especially in this

> In conclusion, I would guess that we should expect some 'one hit
> wonders', lot's of failures, but life to go on.
> The road is bumpy and winding, but the journey is pleasant, with
> exciting scenery and enjoyable company.

Well I guess we just have to hope the neighbours dont decide that one day
they no longer want visitors... :-)