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[SLUG] Problems upgrading debian

Last night I decided to upgrade my second computer to Woody.  I seem to
have cleared up most of the problems encountered along the way but to

One package, 9menu, is in an unconfigured state because the post install
script fails.  The package is not important it was suggested originally
as a useful adjunct to the lwm window manager.  I can't configure it
with dpkg --configure because of the script failure and I can't purge it
with dpkg -P again because of a script failure.  How can I remove it? 
Does any one know if the package is faulty from (say) cse.unsw or is it
more likely that the scripts were corrupted in the download?

The second problem concerns X.  Three packages are listed as ic by 
dpkg --list | less
they are xbase-clients, xdm and xf86setup.  As I understand it i tells
me that they are to be installed and the c stands for config files but
what does this mean?  Were the packages not downloaded for the lack of
some config files or were they just not installed?  What steps must I
take to complete the installation?