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Re: [SLUG] parking for the meeting

On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Jason Rennie wrote:

> > > OT i know, but i hear there was a car break-in recently at a SLUG meet...
> > > Im wondering if anyone has suggestions as to where one could park near by
> > > to UTS safe in the knowledge the car will be there upon returning :) -- for
> > > those of us not near a train line.
> > 
> > Apple Car Park - Down around the back of UTS.. You go there down the
> > street that Her Magesties Theatre is on.. and turn left... Or come the
> > back way past the Darling Harbour turn off..
> Buy an oldish car in a crap colour and don't leave anything valuable in
> the car. Most car breakins are for mobiles/change etc rather than to steal
> the whole car.

Sorry, even that doesn't work. I have an old car in a crappy colour that I
leave unlocked cos there is nothing of value in it.. so they trashed the
inside anyway. If you think you can win, forget it. Of course, you could
walk..... but don't wear fancy trainers.....