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Re: [SLUG] ISP support and Linux

Edward Murphy wrote:
> Well speaking from a helpdesk point of view the helldesk I work for (ihug)
> don't officially support linux but if you were to call up and need support
> their is someone there that would be more then glad to help them out.

Speaking as the owner of an ISP, if ISPs cannot be bothered to keep up
with technology, and I am aware of lead times, then they do not deserve
the customers. 

We try to support ALL operating systems, from Amiga to MVS, of course
it is not possible to support them ALL. But in reality most customers
use win* or Mac or Linux. I used to think of linux as a "alternative"
distro, however it is not well entrenched in the market and gaining
rapidly. We have more Linux users than we do Mac, win2000 and winME

Why would we not support linux, the simplicity of RedHat dial up is
a dream for tech support, and there is not the multitudes of options
that users invariably alter in windows to give problems with the 
internet dial-up connection.

For users with less popular distributionsl we even offer a dial up
script they can use, surely this is not too much for tech support
in larger companies to provide on their CDs.

Perhaps I will make a OceaniaDialUp.rpm to create the settings...