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Re: [SLUG] ISP support and Linux

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Jason Rennie wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a question.
> Many people complain about the lack of support from most ISP's regarding
> linux. 

For most of us, the question is not particularly one of linux support.
It's two parts:

First: If something goes wrong, can the guy at the other end interpret
diagnostics so that I as a user can fix it

Second: will the tech support simply say "you aren't using winXX so we
refuse to talk to you"

I have had experience of the second scenario. Even when the problem is
utterly at their end, they refuse to discuss matters any further. I even
had one tech support guy ring me back and abuse me over it. With these
type of people, the only choice is to change vendors. Sadly, they don't
care, because winXX is 97% of the consumer market. They don't even miss

My experience with Telstra (recently terminated) and Optus (recently
connected) was that their techs had a pretty good grasp on what they were
doing, and were willing to kick it upstairs if they couldn't deal with it.
That's the best anyone could want, IMHO.