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RE: [SLUG] an ISP to avoid

> Not only would I recommend staying away from anyone who doesn't
> support Linux (even unofficially), but I'd stay away from Telstra
> (we use BigSwamp at work and it's SLOW, and their cable is 4 times
> slower than Optus@home), UUNET / Compuserve (no technical support

I must step up to the plate and defend telstra here.

I had a dial in through them for a while before i moved over to ADSL, and
i have a few friends on telstra cable.

Ok the connection speed is capped for cable at around 256KB (from
memory) but in all my time with them.

The one billing issue i had was sorted, the second lvl tech guys do
actually return calls, and there speed had been quite good.

Ok they don't support linux, and there tech guys are somewhere between
clueless and failed cloning experiment, but they do seem to finally be
getting the idea that when i call with a problem it isn't at my end.

Also they don't seem to be very picky about what you run on there
adsl/cable services provided you dont suck heaps of bandwidth.