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Re: [SLUG] an ISP to avoid

Not to give anyone specifically a plug but little isps are better
in the linux arena. Im on RPI for home and rob is pretty ace (not
that i need tech support for linux). I also deal with PNC alot 
and they are pretty cluey, but im not sure if they will help over
the phone, but i dont think they would pull out the cross when linux
is mentioned.

Zeta (now pacific) were good i hear also. My dealings with them
have only been at work and not in a dial up manner.

my conclusion? little isps rock! (and read howtos)


Dave Fitch wrote:
> avoid AAPT Smartchat.  I believe they're in the process of
> dumping dialup customers anyway onto AOL Australia, so
> that should give people a hint.
> In short, some memorable quotes from a "Customer Support
> Representative, Management Escalations":
> "The average PC user does not usually use the Linux system,
> as it is extremely complex."
> "It requires all of the configurations to be done manually."
> "AAPT does not offer technical support for customers who use
> the Linux operating systems.  AAPT have never made any premise
> into the support of customers using any distribution of Linux.
> Therefore, AAPT cannot be held accountable for any lack of
> support incurred in this area.  Technical support will be
> given to customers supporting the minimum Smartchat Internet
> requirements -
>   Operating System = Win 95, 98 or NT, Mac
>   Personal Computer
>   16 MB RAM
>   25-35 MB or more free hard disk space
>   14.4 kbps modem or faster
>   VGA/256 colours
>   CD ROM drive"
> "Customers ... should understand that Smartchat Technical
> Support are only able to help with Smartchat Internet difficulties."
> and so on (spelling/grammer mistakes are hers, not mine).
> One of my complaints was that tech support staff are clueless
> and advise rebooting as a first suggestion and don't appear
> to have been trained in any form of problem analysis, eg.
> thinking about the problem and what might cause it.
> The problem I was having was to do with connecting to their access
> server, the problems were visible manually dialing in with
> programs like minicom.  It wasn't a linux problem but as soon
> as I mentioned the word "linux" they started trying to palm me
> off.
> On the other hand, Iprimus tech support seems good, they knew
> linux stuff when I rang to get info like their DNS numbers etc
> cos their setup CD thing only works on M$ so I didn't use it.
> I chatted with the guy for a few minutes about linux.
> Only problem is they are too slow for me.  I will probably try
> ihug next (why is ADSL so bloody expensive?!!!).
> Dave.
> Fuller story included below:
> For a few months I have had problems dialing in with my
> "gateway" machine - it worked perfectly for a year or so
> then suddenly failed to connect.  Anyway lots of mucking
> around, ringing tech support etc (who are useless by the
> way, I generally tried to call connect.com.au tech support
> who are much better but they don't like you calling them
> directly).
> Anyway, upshot is we were completely unable to connect for
> a while (got a temp account at another ISP) and tech support
> didn't return my phone calls.  I wrote a letter to the support
> manager, no response after a couple of weeks so I stopped
> paying any AAPT bills (and sent their billing dept a letter
> saying I'll pay them when the issues I raised in the previous
> letter are resolved).
> I then went on holiday for 6 weeks.  I get back and there's
> several bills from them, final demand notices and disconnection
> notices (I had the phone with them too) and a reply to my letter
> (funnily enough the phone still works).
> My main complaints were about clueless tech support staff and
> not returning phone calls but as happened in the phone
> conversations, the reply letter glossed over that and concentrated
> on saying how much they don't support anyone using linux.
> I will reply to them again in a week or so.  I have already
> changed my phone to another carrier and now begin the search
> for another ISP.
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