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Re: [SLUG] Video Capturing Slug Meetings

<quote who="Mehmet Ozdemir">

> Maybe we could ask some of the Linux Distro with a Aussie presense for a
> donation, with a plug on the website stating they purchaed the
> equipment,

There was some discussion at the meeting this month about the Sloogen Hausen
and more involvement with various Linux companies. SLUG has been incredibly
independent when you consider the way many other LUGs operate.

Perhaps now's the time, and I reckon that setting up recording of our
meetings would be a good call to kick it off! :)

> DV Cam =~ $2000.00
> Mic = $250 / could audio not be plugged straight into the rooms audio
> console.
> DV Card for PC $500.00

Again, I think audio is a more realistic and simpler approach - this would
merely require a radio microphone/receiver and a recording device.

Also, given our recent experiences with a disappearing treasurer (and all
our financial details with him), I think the committee would prefer to "own
less stuff".

Perhaps if the Sloogen Hausen idea came to fruition, this wouldn't be such a
problem, as everything SLUG owned could live there.

> I don't know if the linux companies have loads of cash to burn anymore,
> but this would be a great resource for everybody.

Heh. I was going to make a joke about this at the meeting... You see,
Turbolinux very kindly donated $3000 earlier this year (which we haven't
spent yet, but then we don't have access to it right now either), and
they've just had their IPO.

And everyone knows that IPO is Silicon Valley code for "Dollars out the
wazoo!" don't they? ;)

Anyway, whatever we do, I think SLUG's comparative independence is a great
thing. As always, if you have suggestions or ideas for things that SLUG
could do, you can always email here, or committee@xxxxxxxxxxx

- Jeff

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