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Re: [SLUG] Video Capturing Slug Meetings

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Mehmet Ozdemir">
> > Would the SLUG users/committee members be interested in:
> >
> > Webcasting / Vid Capture(ing) SLUG presentations.
> We've considered it, and it came up on the list earlier this week, in fact.
> The real barriers to doing it are equipment. I'm leaning towards sound, as
> video introduces a whole new level of complication (and possibility for
> making it suck), so we'd need a recording device, microphones, and someone
> to coordinate it.
> I've done this sort of work before, and know the ins and outs, but I no
> longer have access to equipment and such. If someone's able to do it, YELL
Maybe we could ask some of the Linux Distro with a Aussie presense for a
donation, with a plug on the website stating they purchaed the

By my reckoning all that is needed is:

DV Cam =~ $2000.00
Mic = $250 / could audio not be plugged straight into the rooms audio
DV Card for PC $500.00

Broadcast 2000 = FREE !!!
 All up around $3000.00 I don't know if the linux companies have loads
of cash to burn anymore, but this would be a great resource for

Mehmet Ozdemir