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[SLUG] Pearls & Website Developer Mailing Lists

Morning all,

I've made two new mailing lists in light of recent interest in helping with
the SLUG website and Pearls. Time to put our braces and pointies where our
mouths are (so to speak)...

  Website: http://slug.org.au/lists/listinfo/web-devel/
  Pearls: http://slug.org.au/lists/listinfo/pearls-devel/

They are *developer* lists, so please subscribe only if you're interested in
contributing. We will operate much like lkml - "code" talks, most else
walks. :D

However, we will *definitely* be asking for suggestions. If you're unable to
contribute, but would like to send in a feature request or idea, please post
to one of the following addresses:

  Website: web-suggest@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Pearls: pearls-suggest@xxxxxxxxxxx

Public archives are not available at the moment, but will be up soon and
viewable to all.

Now, subscribe and conquer! :)

- Jeff

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