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Re: [SLUG] Secondary DNS {?? & free 2nd MX}

On 23Nv2k John Clarke wrote Re: [SLUG] Secondary DNS
>> On Thu, Nov 23, 2000 at 04:39:20PM +1100, Craige McWhirter wrote:
>> GraniteCanyon are the pits. For six months now I have not been able 
> My experience has been different.  Apart from one occasion when
> ns2.granitecanyon.com lost my zone, all's been well.  I forced a
> reload by submitting an update, and the next day all was back to
> normal.  I've been using them for about five months.

Judging from the comments on made other mailing lists, there appears to 
be a general consensus that relying on GraniteCanyon may be the 
problematic. Another alternative site is Central Information Services 
at www.centralinfo.net, they provide free Primary and Secondary DNS. 

Still on a similar theme - can anyone suggest a free secondary MX (mail 
exchange) hosting service?