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Re: [SLUG] Poland taxes GNU/opensource/freebeer

Software doesnt exist, so why should i pay for it?
lets say i put a scsi disk with mac on it onto a
sparc machine? nothing, its as good as a blank disk 

Why should i pay for a magnetic configuration?
I mean, lets say i wave a magnet near a disk, in 
theory i could come up with something that would do
something usefull (sometimes i think this is how 
windows is developed)

should i pay for that? 


Jon Biddell wrote:
> > There really is a tax that specifically applies to free software in
> > Poland.
> >
> > Either way I'd confirm things with an actual Pole before getting too
> > worried.  A taxation law that silly is too silly to catch on.
> Yeah, right... They said that about GST too !!
> Just hope the ATO doesn't see this thread...:-(
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> Jon
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