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Re: [SLUG] Net Slowness... Telstra Dirty Tricks?

I know bigpond isnt telstra. But when bigpond needs something done i
have no
doubts it gets done and it gets done promptly. ( i didnt have my second
line installed by primus for nothing ).

Its good that finally telstra is facing some competition, but its
that telstra still makes money out of its competition.


Marty wrote:
> > Telstra has the ability to reroute through satalites... I think you may find
> > some of the smaller ISPs don't...  Last I heard from anybody, Telstra is
> > running at 75% of their normal capacity by rerouting a LOT of traffic over
> > satelite links.
> hang on. telstra the backbone provider needs to be differentiated from
> bigpond. bigpond and any ISP that connects to telstra's backbone is
> feeling the effects of this. bigpond itself can't avail itself of extra
> satellite capacity, it should be lining up with every other ISP on
> telstra's backbone for the a slice of the reduced capacity. if bigpond is
> getting preferential treatment, all the other ISPs should be kicking up a
> fuss...
> later
> marty

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