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[SLUG] Poland taxes GNU/opensource/freebeer

This is of concern!

A snippet from the LINK mailing list:


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Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 16:06:54 +1100
From: Fred Pilcher <fpilcher@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: link@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [LINK] Shh - don't tell Johnny


>Funny thing about star office 7,
>poland have introduced a tax on free software (freeware/shareware/GNU -
>anything you dont pay for). One person got taxed on six Linux/star office
>setups based on the valuation that they were worth just as much as 6
>windows NT/Office setups. Apparently some people just can't win. Hope the
>idea does not spread. Tax laws in that part of the world are a tad more
>socialist than most places though so maybe we wont suffer the same fate