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[SLUG] InfraRed Controllers

Any Sluggers out there using Infrared with Linux?
I'm getting a new motherboard and I noticed it sports an Infrared port (HPSIR or ASKIR or FasterIR), and since the only reason I'm really upgrading is for better MP3 support (I never did fix that floating point error problem, it was the camel that broke the straws back as far as deciding I needed to upgrade a bit), I thought I'd ask if anyone had some experience with these devices..
I guess it'll mainly be used as a remote into Freeamp or xmms, so what I really need to start with is an idea of what/where to get a receiver/transceiver that works with Linux...
Also, anyone got the Xfree 4.0.1 deb's (and all dependencies needed to upgrade from Potato) on a Cd they could lend/sell, as the machine only has 'sneakernet' access currently.