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[SLUG] Re: [Oz-ISP] Telstra proxy cache

On Sat, 18 Nov 2000, Reuben Farrelly wrote:

> I was told that I could expect an outage notice "on Monday morning" as the 
> person I spoke to didn't have access to that part of the system, nor was he 
> able to list this as a fault on the web site.
> Of course, I shouldn't forget, proxy cache is mentioned on their website as 
> a non critical service and faults are only fixed "during business hours" so 
> we should of course be counting ourselves lucky that it was being fixed at 
> all..

Yup. And although they do offer some sort of discount data rate for proxy
traffic, it seems it /can/ be hard to get the credit. There's also some
debate as to how accurate (or otherwise) their metering/charging is, and
combined with the general performance and unreliability issues, I for one
(and a whole lot of others too aparantly) simply never even try to use the
telstra cache. Same with their forwarder for DNS - when it goes down
(which it's done quite often I believe), it's a non-core feature and could
take days to fix. Things like proxy, dns and news are fairly important to
how MY network runs, so I prefer not to rely on tesltras (in)ability to
keep them working.

But at least I'll be multi-homed shortly and the last remaining reliance
on tel$tra should be eliminated.