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Re: [SLUG] static Ip addresses

<quote who="Alister Waller">

> Telstra say static IP's for ADSL will be out in FEB.
> I might just put up with what we have now...56K modem, until then

Two words: Pacific Internet <URL: http://www.corporate.pacific.net.au>

  I have little interest in supporting Telstra with it's current
  interplanetary superpower puppet leadership. Until the human staff of
  Telstra rise above and defeat the snide, evil powers that be and show us
  what they're really made of (cool people work for Telstra, but aliens suck
  their brains out for life-force energy), I'm only going to support the
  human-controlled telecommunications companies in the present market.

It's a tough job, but somebody has to make these things known. Don't be
alarmed if I disappear in the middle of the night, the only evidence being a
trail of alien-slimed 0055 chatline business cards. (That's how they support
their brain habits.)

- Jeff

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