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Re: [SLUG] bandwidth co-op... really!

> JUst stick a firewall in, and they won't know...:-)

Ahhh.. if you mean encrypt the data.. then that's illegal.

If you look hard enough at the legislation, you'll see that even amateur
radio links (i.e. packet radio etc) aren't allowed to be encrypted.

Please fork out $100k+ for an application for a carrier license and feed
the "needy" bloated fsckers^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hgovernment.


I hope someone will point out that I'm wrong.. but I wanted to use packet
radio to get some data down to Melbourne from Sydney and I had a chat with
a few people and they said "encryption = evil, you will get shafted on
your amateur license".

In fact, strictly legally speaking, your ISP can't offer you a point to
point 2.4Gz spread spectrum link even if you're across the road from them,
unless they have a carrier license of sorts. (This was discussed at length
on "OZ-ISP" some months ago.. so if you're interested, have a poke through
the archives..)

"...for we are young and free..." -> bollocks.