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Re: [SLUG] Re: Re: Netscrape 6 is here

<quote who="Angus Lees">

> hah.
> so when is gtk / gnome / mozilla going to support defacto standards
> like Xresources and "-display" options ?

Yeah. Very annoying.

The argument for not supporting "-display" in Gnome is that being a GNU
project, it uses GNU long options. So, GTK+/GNOME support "--display"
instead, which isn't the de facto standard.

Also, it doesn't work. :) You have to use the DISPLAY environment variable.

Might I say, Gus, that if you believe this is a major oversight, that you
talk to Owen Taylor and the other GTK+ geeks about your patch? The many
people who have expressed their disappointment about this will be pleased.

> there are too many good things in X to lose them in some mad rush to
> put background pixmaps on everything (and iirc, bb's Xaw-xpm was the
> first widget set to do that too..).

I concur... The other night I wanted to remind myself how larswm worked (a
very interesting window manager, especially for terminal freaks - find it at
FreshForgeDot), so I fired up Xnest.

X, for all its foibles, is still quite a treat.

- Jeff

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