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Re: [SLUG] Re: Netscrape 6 is here

On Thursday 16 November 2000 15:46, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> Netscape 6.0 is a complete rewrite. It was created from the sources of the
> browser released by mozilla.org. I'd call that "created open source".

That's just semantics. I hope you don't believe your own lies  :)

> The technologies created or developed for this release
> are quite astounding.

Yep.. please go on. Astounding are they.
And what exactly do these technologies have to do with creating a reliable, 
usable web browser?

> Mozilla.org has not "just made a browser" in all this time!

But that's what I want, a reliable, usable browser. Today, not in 5 years 
time. Konqueror delivers the goods.

> Add to that the goal of MPL/GPLing all the code, and you have a very
> forceful argument for the support of Mozilla.org.

Konqueror is GPL. What's your point.