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Re: [SLUG] Distros

<quote who="Jason Rennie">

> OK so where do i get connectiva linux.

One 'N'! :) And you know how to do this stuff!


> >  * They employ Rik van Riel (coming to linux.conf.au, btw).
> Snuh ?

Rik van Riel is one of the kernel hackers vying to produce the next VM
system for Linux - a tough job, and his code is currently the favourite.
Read up on some of the recent editions of Kernel Traffic... In fact, here's
a direct link:


He's also one of the people behind #kernelnewbies, which you can find on the
web at:


When it comes to great people in the Free Software community, Rik's one of
the brightest and most involving. A good egg. So to say.

> >  * They added rpm support to apt.
> Zub ?

This means that you can update your distribution similarly to the way Debian
users do. Convenience with proven software. Apt was meant to do this, and
I'm surprised no one else cam ealong and did it ages ago. (Remember though,
that for all the talk, apt isn't nearly the most interesting or beneficial
part of the Debian distribution.)

> >  * They give a toss about internationalisation.
> But do i ?

You oughta! Maddog has a good quote about Linux and its audience -

  "There are 5.6 billion people in the world, and approximately 400 million
  installed operating systems. That means that 5.2 billion people have yet
  to choose their operating system, and we have to get to them before Bill

How many of those 5.2 billion (even more now!) speak English? How many of
those 5.6 billion are potential contributors to Free Software? Look at it
this way - 5.2 billion people is a pretty freaking ginormous niche market,
isn't it? ;)

> >  * They are Brazilian. 'Nuff said.
> Again, and i care why ?

You are too jaded. ;)

> But i would be happy to give it a bash, i was about to d/l mandrake and
> give it a whirl, but i'll give this a bash, what have i got to loose.

That's the spirit! If you feel like writing a review for the website...

- Jeff

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