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Re: [SLUG] Re: ADSL on Linux

If you'll all wait until after the 13th, I'll have my ADSL connected and
I'll work it all out [admitantly, under OpenBSD - but the principles are the

What I'm fairly certain of:

* PPPoE frames over ethernet, not over IP, so having an IP address on the
card itself is pointless, hence DHCP is not exactly needed.
* DHCP allocating you is just plain *wrong*.  That could have
just been NT's fallback from no DHCP reply, otherwise Telstra are breaking
the rules again.

as for the disconnected by peer, its probably dued to failed authentication.

Read Angus' comment on the matter.

If I find the time after I've installed mine, ja, I'll write up a HOWTO :)

- Chris Collins.
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Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2000 11:10 AM
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> Well funny enough, my NT box which Telstra couldn't get to work finally
> works. DHCP was giving us grief and now it suddenly gets a IP
> (not my original IP either) and now authenticates fine and connects via
> their software...
> So what do I put in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0? Should it
> static or leave as DHCP which never works even with dhcpcd or
> even using ISC's dhclient...???
> I might try static IP and try other things out.
> NOTE: I do get error messages in the /var/log/messages that I was
> disconnected by the PEER.. which I guess means that I do get through to
> server but disconnect for some reason..
> Anyhow... attack another day..
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> From: Angus Lees [mailto:gusl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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> Subject: [SLUG] Re: ADSL on Linux
> On Sun, Nov 05, 2000 at 10:10:14AM +1100, George Vieira wrote:
> > For Tel$stra you must set up your NIC for DHCP which then it gets an IP
> and
> > then you run the Tel$stra profile program which enables your connection
> > which i assume rp-PPoE does).
> err, no.
> ppp does all the authentication and IP negotiation. for adsl (at least
> the pppoe flavour of it), dhcp is not used.
> use CHAP, not PAP - despite the fact the telstra end agrees to
> PAP. (its one of a list of bugs i've told several telstra people)
> and your password is all lower-case, despite what the install people
> may have written down ;)
> an "i survived telstra adsl" howto anyone?
> --
>  - Gus