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[SLUG] Re:Install problems

He had free space - 10gig not partitioned - 1 primary dos 5gig, 1
extended 5 gig with a dos logical within of 5 gig taking up the entire
extended partition.
After he installed, linux could see the logical dos partition, windows
He wants a separate partition for his data under dos..... can this be

Regards, Mehmet

Howard wrote:
For a start it would have to have had 3 partitions, primary, extended
 on the extended, at least one logical.

 The install would have changed the partition flags from DOS to Linux
 native and would also have installed the ext2 file system on whatever
 partition it was installed on.  This is as a minimum and does not take
 account of the possible installtion of a Linux swap partition.

 Was there free space on the disk before you started?